Re: News Release


March 29, 2019


Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, Col. Terry Daigre, said that a call of a disturbance led to deputies struggling with a suspect. At approximately 2:00 a.m. on Thursday 3-28-19, Terrebonne Parish Uniform Patrol Deputies and K-9 Deputies responded to the business of Motel 6 on Hwy. 182 in reference to a call of a male subject causing a disturbance. Upon arriving on scene, the motel staff advised that a male subject, who had been staying at the motel, was causing a disturbance. This suspect was later identified as Brennan Dupre (a 20-year-old white male) of Houma.

Contact was made with Dupre. His movements were very erratic. Dupre did not communicate well with the deputies. He became aggressive towards the deputies, and he began shouting. While conducting a pat search Dupre advised deputies that he had some marijuana in his possession, and that he had recently consumed some Ecstasy pills. It was discovered that he had approximately two ounces of Marijuana and a digital scale concealed in his pants. Dupre was handcuffed and detained in a Sheriff’s Office vehicle.

Dupre then began banging his head on the cage inside of the Sheriff’s Office vehicle and kicking the windows. Deputies then attempted to restrain Dupre in a manor to prevent him from harming himself, and to prevent him from damaging Sheriff’s Office property. While doing this Dupre attempted to bite the deputies.

After deputies got Dupre restrained they proceeded to the motel room that he had been occupying. The door of this room had been left open. The room was in disarray with items scattered around the room and broken beer bottles on the floor. Multiple pills, later determined to be Xanax, were seen in plain view in the room.

During this time Dupre was able to maneuver the handcuffs from behind his back to in front of his body. As deputies attempted to readjust the handcuffs, Dupre struggled with and attempted biting deputies. He was able to wrap his arms around one of the deputy’s arms, using the handcuffs to his advantage. During this struggle Dupre was struck by deputies in attempt to gain control of him. Dupre was properly restrained again.   

Dupre was transported to a local medical facility to be treated for any possible injuries he may have received during his struggles with law enforcement. Upon his release from the medical facility Dupre was transported to Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex to be booked and jailed on the following charges. His bond was set at $150,000.00


  1. Disturbing the Peace.
  2. Resisting An Officer With Force Or Violence
  3. Possession With Intent To Distribute Marijuana
  4. Possession Of Xanax
  5. Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia




Col. Terry Daigre