By: Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office

A Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy on routine patrol. Monday night led to the arrest of two women in connection with the theft of an air conditioning condenser from a local business.

The uniformed deputy was driving on the 1200 block of St. Charles Street at about 10:35 p.m. when he saw a pickup pull into the parking lot of a business that was closed. “He saw the truck turn around, and then saw it backed up to the air conditioning condenser,” said Col. Terry Daigre, Chief Criminal Deputy. “He saw the two women exit the pickup, and saw one lowering the tailgate. The driver asked the passenger to help her load the condenser onto the bed of the truck, and the two began moving it.”

The deputy placed both women under arrest and they were transported to the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice complex. Leeann Maulden, 39, identified as the driver, was booked on a charge of theft.

The passenger, Renette Bourque, 44, was booked on a charge of theft as well. Col. Daigre praised the proactive patrol work of the deputy who observed the crime and effected the arrest.

“The deputy in this case displayed the type of vigilance while on patrol that we like to see,” Col. Daigre said. “We serve the public better when we can stop a crime in progress, which is precisely what happened here.” Col. Daigre said businesses need to know that thefts of copper and equipment that contains copper, such as an air conditioning unit, have seen a recent rise in Terrebonne Parish.