My name is David McCormick and I am announcing my candidacy for Parish President of Terrebonne for the October 12th election .

For too long, the political machine has been taking care of select individuals and groups. It is time someone speaks up for the common man and I want to be that voice. The heart and soul of Terrebonne Parish is the hard working men and women that reside here.

My goal is for Terrebonne Parish to be a beacon of success for other parishes in Louisiana. The way we will accomplish th is is by attracting new businesses into the parish . They will create job opportunities for local residents and provide training so they are better skilled and ready to join the work force . We will continue to improve our drainage and flood protection systems already in place, revitalize the East side of Terrebonne Parish and continue the growth and development of North Terrebonne. We will also upgrade and maintain our recreation department for all Terrebonne Parish residents. This is “ A New Vision from the Common Man” and it will be the foundation for a better Terrebonne Parish

Warm regards,
David McCormick
Parish President Candidate